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Brick Pattern House by Alireza Mashhadmirza

Located in one of the poorest districts of Tehran, the façade was designed to be repetitive and easily constructed.


ONL - Granollers social housing, Barcelona 2007. Via.

The final in a string of social housing posts today; these examples are important reminders that the state/design of government-financed housing does not need to default to the dreary or depressing archetype they so stereotypically represent. It also reinforces the notion that architects are not only a service industry catering to the wealthy, but rather an essential tool to the development and design of projects that not only enhances the urban environment, but the lives of those who inhabit them as well.


House Riedikon in Switzerland, architects Gramazio& Kohler

(via monolithos)


120910 - The beautiful and complex ceramic façade of the Brandhorst Museum by Sauerbruch Hutton.

(Source: co-zine)


Vallecas, Madrid | Spain (by Óscar Sainz)

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Red Ribbons (Nebuta-Museum by molo design & Frank La Rivière Architects)

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120718 - Metropolitan Correctional Centre, Chicago. Planned and detailed for vision splays, as much as for aesthetics of the inner city.

(Source: co-zine)


Campus de Vera de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Valencia, Spain


Flores Prats - Building 111 social housing, Terrassa City 2012 (click for big). Via.