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Drawings from James Corner and Alex Maclean’s Taking Measures Across the American Landscape.


House in Naruto by Naoko Horibe

The property is located in an area that tends to flood during heavy rains, so the foundation and floor were built fairly high.


Planter Table by Emily Wettstein [cjwho]

Emily Wettstein is a 25-year-old designer living in Brooklyn, NY who built this planter table as part of her application to grad school for architecture. The table is made from reclaimed walnut and steel with a removable planter that can hold a variety of plants, in this case wheat grass (very cat friendly!)

(Source: cjwho, via architectura)


Red Bull Music Academy - Nave de la Música en Matadero Madrid by Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos.

(via architectura)